Custom Glamour Photography

We’ve been shooting custom content for individuals and businesses since 1998.  We offer a very unique service with very competitive rates that’s sure to fit within any budget.  Custom content available for personal enjoyment, product placement, or resale.  Contact us for more details.

Top 2 Reasons individuals order Custom Photography

    1. A unique and customized item for framing and displaying on their walls.
    2. A unique set for personal enjoyment which satisfies specific tastes.

Top 2 Reasons businesses order Custom Photography

    1. A set for resale either via a Pay-Per-View or Pay-To-Receive.
    2. Product placement in which a model is shown wearing or using your product.

Content Delivery

Individual Use:  Pictures and video will be made available online.

Business Use:  Video content will be edited and delivered via FTP in mp4 or mov format.  Still pictures are usually sent unedited via FTP in large jpg format. IDs & releases will be provided to businesses.  Content will be available for exclusive use for businesses.

Model Selection

Normally, you will not be able to select the models, but you can tell us what “type” of model you want.  For businesses we might be able to provide casual pictures of the model for approval prior to the session.


Payment up-front prior to us scheduling your shoot. Once payment is received and cleared, we will schedule your sets to be shot within 30 days.  We will refund your money immediately after 30 days should any problems occur and we aren’t able to complete your sets.