Get to work coding your site. If, like most people, you don’t know how to code a site, contact us as we’ll be glad to help. There are systems out there like WordPress which make this a lot easier, but still you’ll need to know how to install WordPress (but your host company might help you with that) and more importantly how to use it. It’s not too difficult to figure out if you have the time.

I avoided using WordPress for years as I felt it was a limiting system for those who didn’t know anything about programming. Times have changed and while it’s still somewhat limiting, it’s much more mainstream now and many of the top sites on the Internet are now turning towards WordPress. That said, I wouldn’t use it out of the box without some serious tweaking, but I have used it for many of my recent sites including this one as it makes setting up a site a lot faster.

Here’s an example, 3 of my largest sites which bring in most of my income, all are hand coded line by line. It took me about 5 years of almost daily tweaking to get them to the point which I thought was decent looking and running smoothly. Skyscrapers aren’t built over night. In contrast, this site looked fairly decent and operated well after just a few days (although not at all original). I used WordPress for this site to save time.

Some people worry about the security of WordPress and that is a concern, but it’s mostly eliviated by only installing plugins you need, and keeping all your plugins and the WordPress package up-to-date! That can’t be stressed more as while WordPress is so mainstream now that I know some Google employees who use it, many of these same computer experts also got their sites hacked because of the simple reason that they failed to keep WordPress up-to-date. It IS a lot of work as WordPress comes up with updates constantly and you’ll find you are spending more time updating WordPress than doing actual work on your site, but this is also something we can help you with as if you host with us we can update your WordPress installations as we do ours.

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